Selling Guide

Once we are instructed to Sell/Rent your property in Tenerife, we will give your property the maximum exposure ensuring we reach a wide range of audience.

We will market through a number of channels such as some of the leading property portals. We are totally committed to delivering the results you expect when selling your home in Tenerife: A quick sale for the highest price.

The key steps involved when selling your Property are summarised below.  Should you require any clarification or a more detailed assessment of your own personal situation please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team

  • Register with Invest in Tenerife via our UK or Tenerife offices
  • Establish the value and sales price required
  • Preparing your property to maximize sale ability and price
  • Conducting Viewings
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Completing contracts

Register with Invest in Tenerife via our UK or Tenerife offices.

You have decided to sell your property and wish to put it on the market with a successful agency that will have a comprehensive marketing strategy, reaching a worldwide market.  The team at Invest in Tenerife is professionally qualified, courteous and has a realistic expectation of what the market can achieve.  With Invest in Tenerife you only pay commission when your property has been successfully sold and you will have direct access to a qualified member of the dedicated sales specialists.  Beyond this you will receive a significantly higher level of service that you would typically receive from a traditional estate agency.

Establish the value and Sales price you require.

A realistic assessment of the value of your property is imperative to ensure you understand how you will distribute funds received.  Whilst local property newspapers and websites can be used to provide an indication of what your property might be worth, you will need the experience of a professional estate agent to get a more accurate and realistic assessment of its real value.  We will be happy to provide you a property appraisal without giving inflated valuations which will leave your property languishing on the market whilst those properties around you are selling.

We would require an appointment with you at your property, one that would typically take approximately one hour, and during which a detailed inspection would take place.  We would also discuss during the meeting your specific requirements relevant to your own situation, market forces and current demand.  Previous transactions in your area and activity levels with other properties similar to your own will also lend assistance to us advising you on

  • The potential value range applicable to your property
  • Things you may be able to do enhance this value and a recommended marketing strategy that suits your particular objectives.
  • Any queries or issues you may have can also be addressed in this meeting.

To book a free valuation please submit a request here.

Preparing your property maximize sale ability and price

The majority of buyers now use internet property portals to search for a home/investment.  Therefore the visual imagery used with these listings are the first taste of your home a potential purchaser is likely to experience and this will be hugely influential as to whether they contact us to arrange a viewing.  Preparing your home for photography and other visuals that are developed (such as virtual tours & videos) is therefore one of the most important actions you can take to maximize your chances of attracting interest. For instance this could mean moving some furniture and basic de-cluttering.  Invest in Tenerife has available a well established and professional team of photographers and video makers who are able to dedicate themselves to working through your property on a room by room basis to carefully consider the best layout of furnishings, removal of personal items and the best aspects to capture.  Room dimensions and details will be recorded.  Should you wish to consider contracting the services of the professional photographers and video makers please contact us for further details and fees.

Conducting Viewings

Invest in Tenerife commits huge amounts of time and money towards marketing properties to prospective buyers, with the prime aim of encouraging them to view the property.  We will discuss with you the best times of the day and week to present your property and do our best to steer appointments around these times.  Many considerations need to be made including your normal weekly patterns, parking availability, traffic levels, children, pets, light levels and garden/terrace aspects.

Negotiating the deal

Any offer received will be put forward to you verbally at the first available opportunity and in writing within twenty four hours.  You will need to make a response to any offer.  If the initial offer is rejected and the purchaser decides to increase their offer, the process will simply be repeated.  We will endeavour to “qualify” potential purchasers in advance of any viewings, but at the very latest at offer time.  By “qualify” we refer to that we will formally check their status and ability to proceed with any offer they make.  In order for us to do this we will ask for contact details of their broker or mortgage lender and any estate agent dealing with the possible sale of their current property.  The services of the legal team at Invest in Tenerife CLS Group are at your disposal should you wish to contract their services to act on your behalf for the sale, and it is only when this information has been provided and we have contacted the necessary parties for verification of your purchasers situation that we will consider whether it would be pertinent to stop showing your property to other prospective buyers.  It is also at this stage that should there be any chain implications, then we will endeavour to quantify any timescale transactions.  Due to the nature of the buying process, it is important to remember and understand that any information provided by us concerning a transaction chain is not guaranteed and could change at any time.  However, regular liaison will be made with legal parties acting on both yours and your purchasers’ behalf to ensure we can keep you abreast of progress.

Completing the contracts

Once you have accepted an offer, the legal process commences.   Arranging  for contracts to be drawn up and agreed, to confirm payment method for your property and that legal title is properly transferred to your purchaser(s).

To give you an idea of the legal process summary, we have listed below the main points to consider

  • Terms are agreed between vendor and purchaser and these are relayed to the relative legal representatives
  • All documentation relative to the property is obtained in order to complete an in-depth search, ensuring that there are no debts or registration problems
  • A sales contract will be signed, upon which maybe a holding deposit is required, but certainly informing both parties of the deposit which will be transferred and the notary date when the property will be signed over
  • All changes to utility bills etc to be made.

Invest In Tenerife, CLS Group Ltd, have extensive knowledge of the conveyance procedures, and whilst each property is individual, we estimate that from signing over your property at the notary, you would be aware that in approximately 6-12 weeks following, your property and all obligations would be out of your name(s).

Please contact us for any further information, advice or help you may need to help you with buying your next home

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