Property prices in Tenerife

Property prices in Tenerife increased in 2013.

Tenerife property prices

Property prices in Tenerife are coming up

Average house prices in Tenerife saw a steady increase every quarter in 2013. The average property price was € 192K in 4th quarter in 2009. The 4th quarter of 2013 the average house price was € 226K.

Though Mainland Spain has experienced a huge drop in property prices in some areas, Tenerife has due to more careful exploitation and regulations not had the same drop in prices. The Island has a very mild climate year around, and is easy to access from most countries in Europe with a few hours flight. Tourism in the South of Tenerife is blooming at the moment, also due to problems in other destinations such as Egypt and Thailand.

We belive prices in Tenerife will continue to be stabile and growing in the future.

Tenerife is an exciting place to live with beautiful weather, nature and fantastic people!

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