How to sell your property in Tenerife

Selling a property in Tenerife might seem a bit more difficult these days for many owners. How can you increase your chances of selling your house, apartment, flat or finca in Tenerife?

Due to the financial downturn in Spain and Europe at the moment, the property market in Tenerife has seen a decrease in property sales. BUT people are still buing property in Tenerife! How can you make sure you find these buyers and get them interested in your property?

  • Research – Make sure you research either in the local Tenerife papers or on the internet, how prices for your type of property in your area has developed. What is for sale in your area, and how long has it been listed for? Does it seems like other vendors are dropping their price? How is your property different to other simmilar ones?
  • Prepare property – First impression is crucial to any type of sale! It is very difficult to sell anything if a product does not attract interest from potential buyers. In general you have a few seconds or less to attrct the attention of potential buyers who are browsing through newspaper property adds or real estate web sites. Please make sure you have great photos of the property, and make sure that the property looks clean and tidy before taking photos. Feel free to “spice” up the rooms and areas with some plants, flowers, fruits, etc. We receive far to many images of properties with very poor quality, in general we try not to publish these images on our site. In many cases it is well worth using a professional photographer. We can help organizing this for you whatever your budget is!
  • Find Estate Agent – You can of course try to sell your property yourself, but we highly reccommend to use a Tenerife real estate agent! How do you find a reliable estate agent in Tenerife? Before choosing an agent to list your house or apartment for sale, try to find out what they actually will and can do for you. Traditionally Tenerife estate agents mainly distribute/sell their properties through local advertising or to window shoppers, and in general with very poor and not updated websites. This is not enough in todays market when the market for potential buyers has totally changed. Also, try to find out what expertise your agent has when it comes to important issues like legals, taxes, mortgages, etc. Make sure you ask for refferals from previous clients!
  • Invest In Tenerife – We at Invest In Tenerife have invested in and developed an unique website for both buyers and sellers of properties in Tenerife. We feel we offer the most advansed property site in Tenerife. All properties listed directly with us, will automaticly be listed with the leading property portals in the UK and the rest of Europe. We team up with companies like RightMove, PrimeLocation,,, and many more. Our properties can be viewed by more than 20 million visitors per month! Only Rightmove Overseas had 2.8 million searches last month for Oversea property! In addition to this we run our own promotions in several countries in Europe such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, UK, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Italy and more. We also promote our properties locally in Tenerife and Spain through English, German, Russian and Spannish newspapers and other media. Invest In Tenerife offers a full service for anybody wishing to sell or buy property in Tenerife. We have a big team of experts here to help you either its ; legal, tax, notaries, valuation, insurance, finance, etc. And we also have our own section for Landlords and Tenants if you wish to rent out your property in Tenerife in the future. Our clients will have their own account where they can login and comunicate with us, but also add or edit their posts. Through your account you can view the whole sales process wether you are a vendor or a buyer. For landlords you can run your acoounting through our software, monitor costs, payments, invoices, etc.

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