Buyers Guide

Searching for your next home in Tenerife can consume a lot of time and energy.Looking for a property in Tenerife can become a lot of work, with arranging viewings, visiting many different Tenerife properties and talking to owners becoming a very lengthy and time consuming process.

We help to make the home search and buying experience more constructive and enjoyable, by offering clear guidance and as much visual and other information as possible on all properties on our database. We also commit to ensuring all viewings we arrange are accompanied by one of our professional consultants. These factors help ensure viewings are a positive experience for buyers and vendors, and substantially reduces a lot of time waste.

Guide to purchasing/investing in property in Tenerife.

These are the key steps involved when buying a property in Tenerife. Should you require any clarification or a more detailed assessment of your own personal situation, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

  • Register with Invest in Tenerife via our UK or Tenerife offices
  • Decide on a budget
  • If a mortgage will be required, please contact the team in order that we can arrange a simulation relative to your own personal requirements.
  • List any criteria that you want your new property to have, i.e. 2 bedrooms, views, access etc
  • View selected properties
  • Make an offer
  • Purchase your dream home!

Register with Invest in Tenerife via our UK or Tenerife Offices.

In order to give you a professional tailor made service, it is imperative that one of our team is able to locate the properties that you require matching your price range/budget, and list of criteria therefore please register online, or contact our UK office on (+44) 0161 905 2900, or alternatively our offices in Tenerife on (+34) 922 703 003, whereby a member of our team will be able to assist having obtained a clear understanding of your requirements in accessing all properties on our expansive database, and any that are forthcoming.

Deciding on budget/price range

On top of the cost of your dream property itself, there are other fees and taxes to take into consideration. Traditionally in the Canary Islands, and Tenerife estate agents all entities will advise you to allow for approximately 10% on top of the cost of the property. These costs are distributed to the following areas:

  • Legal & conveyance fees
  • Local Authority search fees
  • Stamp duty
  • Notary Fees
  • Land Registry Fees
  • Commissions from Estate Agent(s)
  • Water contracts

Mortgage requirements.

When setting your budget/price range, it may be that you wish to consider mortgage services, in our experience purchasing a property and getting a mortgage a go hand in hand.

Our Partners are a firm of professional independent chartered accountants and advisors and as different banks and institutions in Spain will require certain documents over and above the list laid out below, the requirements below you will most definitely need in order to continue, AFTER Invest in Tenerife CLS Group Ltd has provided you with a simulation of mortgage.

N.I.E. CERTIFICATE: all non residents of Spain and the Canary Islands require this number and certification before they are able to proceed. Invest In Tenerife are able to assist in obtaining this on the clients behalf.


Deciding on your all important Criteria.

In order for Invest in Tenerife to offer you a selection of properties that do not waste your time, it is imperative that during your first consultation with a member of our team, that you inform us for example if your desired dream property is going to have meet certain requirements such as wheel chair access, a minimum number of bedrooms etc, and then obviously if you prefer sea views, preferred areas this information will also prove invaluable both to ourselves and you. It may be an idea to have a list ready of “must haves” and “like to haves”

View Selected Properties

Once you have made a list of the properties that have been located for you, viewing will be made by appointment. Normally one of the team would conduct your viewing as vendors may not always be present. Whilst flexibility on viewing times from the vendor is always requested, it may not always be possible. Invest In Tenerife will arrange accompanied transport for you and your family/partners.

Make an offer

You are one step closer to your dream home/investment!

As soon as you have found your desired purchase, we will put an offer to the seller, both verbally and in writing. We always aim to communicate in the same day. The offer will be subject to a contract being signed and there are no legal obligations on either side until this is done.

Purchasing your dream Home/Investment(s)

Invest in Tenerife CLS Group´s active partners in their Tenerife South Office, are “controlled gestor administrativos”, allowing them to act independently on your behalf to complete all contracts, accompany you to the notary, and make all changes post signing. You will be made aware of all procedures as they happen, and costs (included within the 10%)

Our client base to date justifies their satisfaction in our client testimonials.

Please contact us for any further information, advice or help you may need to help you with buying your next home.

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